Alongside local stakeholders, our architects, urban planners and civil engineers co-design infrastructures, buildings, and public places that foster well-being and inclusiveness. Our mission is to define the future of the spatial and social aspects of public life. 

From interfaith cultural centers to community-owned waste management systems we are working with teams to rethink infrastructures and public spaces to be more inclusive and address local challenges to inspire and improve prosperity. We focus on collaborating with communities to understand their unique challenges and goals to develop innovations that will define the future of public space.



Our economists, social-scientists and policy-experts apply systems thinking and participatory design methods to conceptualize and implement policies that promote self-determination and equity.

From community-based financing models managed by residents in rural areas, to nation-wide health care systems, we include workers, administrators and beneficiaries in the design and implementation of processes that accelerate and facilitate their daily lives. We approach policymaking, public services and administration as potential dynamic tools that define optimal paths for citizens to access needed resources and sustained prosperity. Along with governments or self-governing grassroots groups, we position relevant stakeholders to define these needs. We support government to actively listen to their recommendation on what the most efficient and productive response would be.



Our innovation and management experts leverage the momentum and broad reach of the private sector to accelerate social and economic progress for society.  

Through Coda Societies' Center of Virtuous Design we guide business leaders, their staff and customers in exploring the paths and implementing strategies to position the company as a vehicle for substantial systemic impact. We partner with corporations, businesses and enterprises to develop new products, organizational structures and value chains that transform industries and bring positive outcomes to society as a whole.