Our method focuses on channeling and then recalibrating the broader socio-economic context resulting in social and spatial public structures that are resilient, tangible, and citizen-centered. 
The process itself ensures that everyone engaged with an issue has an active stake in the long-term sustainability of its solution. 
Our technical team trains our partners so that they have the tools necessary to spread their learnings within and beyond their communities.  



Coda Societies vigorously maps the groups, agents, and elements that are crucial to a system’s functioning, dynamics and structure. We activate divergent perspectives and weave them together to create the latticed framework of a new structure. This methodology equalizes formal and informal knowledge, expanding the potential for inventive ideas exponentially.



At the heart of our work is a deep respect for existing knowledge. We extract, harness, and incorporate local knowledge at all stages of a project’s life cycle. This includes developing concepts, problem analysis, solution prototyping, implementation and evaluation.